Google Updates AdSense
  • PPC is a medium to advertise on search engines are already very popular during these days. PPC alternative choice among online businessmen who will not or do not understand the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). PPC is a shortcut to get traffic instantly.

    So what's the difference with PTC (Paid To Click)? The difference is only 1, if the PPC we have to have a free blog to make money. If for PTC, without having to have a blog we can make money.

    Some famous examples of PPC like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc.. Well google or Bidvertiser position here as a broker.
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adBrite CrunchBase

adBrite CrunchBase

adbrite is the largest independent advertising exchange, focusing on display and video. adbrite first started taking advertising for external sites in 2003, and raised $4 million in venture capital from Sequoia in September 2004 (Mark Kvamme joined the adbrite board of directors). In February 2006, adbrite raised another $8 million from Sequoia and Artis Capital, … Continue reading

Service In Text Advertising

Infolinks Launches First Self Service In Text Advertising Marketplace

Infolinks, the first and the world’s fastest growing In-Text advertising network has announced the launch of the first and only Self-service In-Text Advertising Marketplace the Infolinks Marketplace. This is a wonderful innovation from Infolinks and it makes me a proud publisher on their network. This new service is of a great benefit to advertisers as … Continue reading

Good News

Konter Vs Infolinks

Hello EveryOne, Today I’m writing an article about Infolinks update and Two good news 🙂 . First of all little about Infolinks: Infolinks is the leader of content link advertisement. It has opened a new door for blog owners to earn some extra revenue without covering any additional space. You may learn more it from … Continue reading

Google Updates AdSense

Google Updates AdSense Code for Mobile

Google AdSense for mobile was put in place while people were still using flip phones, in order to allow companies to monetize their mobile content. With the advent of smartphone popularity, Google has just made it easier for vendors to use AdSense mobile, by migrating all mobile ad unit sizes, as well as the mobile … Continue reading

New AdSense Toolbar for Chrome

New AdSense Toolbar for Chrome Check Your AdSense Earnings from your Browser

Check out the new AdSense toolbar for chrome – Google Chrome users will be glad to hear that AdSense released a neat little chrome extension add-on that shows a mildly detailed report of your Google AdSense earnings straight from your web browser, saving you the time and hassle of having to log into your Google … Continue reading

Adsense Alternative

New Adsense Alternative

Last week I mentioned MegaGlobe, which is an up and coming international search engine… and this week I have a new piece of news on them. The latest press release states that they will indeed be offering a contextual advertising option for webmasters that rivals Google Adsense. New Adsense Alternative They are getting the attention … Continue reading

For some unlucky reasons (mostly due to the invalid click activity), you adsenses acount is being disabled by Google. Although Google strongly emphaize that they have sophisticated tracking programs, as well as human monitoring, to track for the invalid clicks, they often make mistake and charge some innocent Adsense publishers, and take away their rights of participating this program in the rest of his or her life time. I must admit that this is definitely unfair. If you receive that email, I am sure you are very frustrated. The first thing to do is to read carefully on why Google charge you and take away your Adsense account. You should also think twice on whether you have commited those issues. Then, prepare all the evidence that in favour to you and make an appeal to Google. Then, pray that Google will give you back the Adsense account, and most importantly, the earning accumulated inside. However, chances (though really low) are there that you may get back your adsense account. Fill in the form at their website for making such appeal. As I have mentioned before, the chance for reinstate your Adsense accout is pretty low. If you account is really banned unluckily, you may wish to open a new Adsense account. From the Google' policy, if an publisher is banned, he/she cannot apply for another one. But there is a little trick that enable that enabled you to do so. First choose a new computers to start a new blog/ site, and then apply it with Google Adsense. Make sure that the IP address is completely different with those you have used to login your Google and Adsense accounts. I believe that Google will approve you if your site is clean nd have enough content. Then, use that computers only (or other new computers with new and diffeent IPs) to login your Adsense account. Never login your adsense account with the one you previously used, because that will let Google know this new Adsense account has correlation with the previous invalid click activity and disable your account. Hope it helps, and earn more from Adsense program!

Tips to get a new adsense account once your account is banned

For some unlucky reasons (mostly due to the invalid click activity), you adsenses acount is being disabled by Google. Although Google strongly emphaize that they have sophisticated tracking programs, as well as human monitoring, to track for the invalid clicks, they often make mistake and charge some innocent Adsense publishers, and take away their rights … Continue reading

Google Tightens Review Process For New AdSense Publishers

Google Tightens Review Process For New AdSense Publishers

Google has added a new review step to its process for adding new AdSense publishers, presumably to better eliminate abuses and improve the quality of the AdSense network for advertisers. In the new process, publishers’ sites will be reviewed after they’ve placed the AdSense ad code on their sites, and real, paying ads won’t run … Continue reading

Google's Blogger platform

Google’s Blogger platform gets a new look Dashboard and Post Editor

Blogger, Google’s popular blogging platform, is showing off a sneak peek at the next generation of its user interface. The Official Google Blog has screenshots of upcoming revamps to Blogger’s Dashboard and Post Editor. There’s also a video (after the break) that shows off the progress Blogger made in 2010-including improved stats, spam filtering, Web … Continue reading

Google Turns On New Blogger

Google Turns On New Blogger Interface

Google has been tinkering with the interface of its blogging platform, Blogger, for months, and it’s finally rolling out the changes it’s made across the service. On Wednesday, Google announced that the changes which should make the interface easier to use and more efficient will be appearing shortly. Google Adsense Blogger’s graphics have been improved, … Continue reading