New Adsense Alternative

Adsense Alternative

Adsense Alternative

Last week I mentioned MegaGlobe, which is an up and coming international search engine… and this week I have a new piece of news on them.

The latest press release states that they will indeed be offering a contextual advertising option for webmasters that rivals Google Adsense.
New Adsense Alternative
They are getting the attention of website owners everywhere by promising higher payouts and better compensation plans…

“Naima has said that Megaglobe will share revenue generated from advertising keywords with webmasters more equitably thereby recognising the importance search engines place on their partnership with webmasters.”
New Adsense Alternative
Again, be sure to visit the Megaglobe International Search Engine and submit your websites to their database. They are currently crawling the web and preparing for a full launch. With search, sponsored listings and contextual advertising and ‘word’ of competing with Google for webmasters’ attention… this is one to keep in your radar.

2 Responses to “New Adsense Alternative”
  1. clickcontroller says:

    Hi adsppc,

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    It will be interesting to see if MegaGlobe can deliver. I suspect that like most other networks, some publishers will have great success and others won’t. It’s hard to effectively serve ads to the majority of publishers out there since traffic ranges. You gotta have the advertising inventory to support a multitude of different sites since a monetizing a niche blog is different from monetizing a torrent or proxy site. It’ll really come down to the type of ad serving platform they have built and how well it can optimize the ads being served to each publisher. Hopefully they can deliver and provide a true alternative to adsense.


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